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Why We Have A Nursery:
Brighton Assembly has established a strong nursery ministry as an aide to families attending classes and church services. Children are precious and a lot fun, but expecting a young infant or toddler to keep still during a church service is a big expectation. Children at this age need plenty of wiggle room and occasionally a snack or just a peaceful place to take a nap. The church sanctuary is not suited to meet these needs.
The nursery area has age appropriate toys and equipment for birth to age three. There are also two "Cry Rooms" located to the left and right of the main sanctuary doors with a viewing window into the service. We realize there are times when no one but a parent can calm an upset and cranky baby. These rooms are reserved for nursing mothers or mothers of young infants. If you have a toddler, the nursery area is equipped just for them with lots of fun games, toys, books, music and much more. Please do not take toddlers into the “Cry Rooms.” This area is reserved for infants and nursing mothers.
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Melissa Hurt, director of the Brighton Nursery Ministry is knowledgeable in young child care and is also an elementary school teacher. Additionally, the nursery area has met all State of Missouri requirements for a child care area. If you have questions about the nursery you may call the church office at 417-376-2424 or email